Even if we do not accept junk mail in our post box, will that stop the companies from printing the same amount of flyers? How do they know how many flyers were not delivered so they can print less next time? What does Canada Post do with the excess flyers?

If companies do not know how many fliers are undelivered, they will still continue to waste as much paper and probably increase the print amount as time goes by because some idiot in the company thinks there is a need for more flyers.

I feel something more needs to be done to get the message out there “Canadians are tired of Junk Mail!”


The companies should concentrate more on saving the environment by thinking about whether their junk mail is really needed and if it is effective. They send fliers to your mail box, you receive the same ones in the local paper, they come to your place of work and then they are available in all the stores. Is the cost of the excessive advertising paid for by the cost of the items you purchase?


I feel these are all important issues everyone should start paying attention to and asking questions about. How many useless credit applications do you receive a month? I could have a purse full of visa cards if I responded to all of them!!!!


Barb Great questions! We hope our dialogues help with the following:- If we follow the process correctly, the Consumers Choice numbers per postal code will be decremented so advertisers will decrease their print quantities. - I will teach more workshops on measuring advertising effectiveness in the coming year- Bring awareness to advertisers to monitor print quantities more responsibly. Overage is a big problem at Canada Post where they have to recycle the excess quantities. - Fantastic suggestion that Canada Post informs advertisers of their overages to be more careful in the future. I sent this to my contact there.- Marketing expense is built into every product we purchase. I agree with you – I cant believe Canadians aren’t louder!- Agreed we should have legislation against redundancy. One per household should be a rule. I phoned the advertising standards bureau about such a rule. We will be able to make this voice heard!- Credit card apps make me so angry! The only response is people who can’t get credit anywhere else.

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