On this holiday weekend I am reflecting on our many blessings — family, food and friends. Last night, my friends’ daughters sang grace at our Easter celebration. It dawned on me, why do we reserve “grace” only for food? Why don’t we say a blessing each time we hop in our cars, shop in our stores, or read our newspapers? Why dont we live in a state of constant grace surrounded by the blessings of this life of convenience?

Through the past weeks I have been pondering why we don’t treat paper with the same reverence we treat food. We would never cook a meal for 100 people knowing only 3 would turn up. Would we throw food on people’s doorsteps? Why aren’t our forest products treated with the same respect and reverence as food? It takes 80 years of growth to replace a tree in the Boreal forest and 150 years to replace a tree in BC’s rainforest (www.forestethics.org) yet paper is considered a renewable resource. Its time to reframe the value of paper.

While jogging at Jericho Beach this morning, my friend Erin and I were sharing our love for newspapers and all things printed. She asked me to relay our philsophy at Red Dot. My two points of the day:

  • Start valuing paper through mindfulness and gratitide
  • We aren’t against print advertising per se, we are only against printing anything that doesn’t get read!

Having just returned from Ottawa & Montreal, our hearts go out to our friends in Eastern Canada who are dealing with record snowfall and an upcoming spring thaw. Take care! Beth

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