Easy Ways To Stop Junk Mail

Tape a No Junk Mail Sign on or in your mail box or mail slot.

OPTIONAL: If your sign is ignored download, sign and date this letter and mail to your nearest Canada Post outlet. For more information about Consumers Choice, contact Canada Post or call 1-866-607-6301.

Sign up with the Canadian Marketing Association's Do Not Contact Registry. This enables you to reduce the number of marketing offers received by mail, telephone and fax.

Tired of telemarketing? Find out more about the upcoming Do Not Call Registry and set up a personal do-not-call list at www.ioptout.ca.

Sign up for Canada Post's e-post and help save even more paper by getting your bills online. For every person who joins prior to October 7th, Canada Post will donate $1 to World Wildlife Fund's Good Life.

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Why the Red Dot Campaign?

The Red Dot Campaign is a privately funded social marketing venture. Paper is precious. Vast amounts of trees, energy, water and fossil fuels are used in the production and distribution of paper-based advertising. And yet the industry standard is a 2% response rate! That means 98% of these resources are wasted! We say its time advertisers join the 21st century and adopt data-driven print technologies, electronic communications and social marketing. The Red Dot Community will help inspire this change.

Step 1. Raise Awareness about Canada Post’s Consumer Choice Option

We applaud Canada Post’s eco-friendly Consumer Choice option that reduces waste and clutter. All you need to do is put a “No Admail” or “No Junk Mail” sign on your mailbox. * The Consumer Choice database is decremented for each person opting out, and advertisers reduce their print quantities accordingly. Refer to Canada Post's website for more details.

* Note: This opt-out policy varies by letter carrier and region in Canada. If your “No Admail” sign is ignored, call 1-866-607-6301. Some municipal notices will also be stopped. Again this varies by letter carrier and region.  

Step 2. Encourage other distributors to follow Canada Post’s leadership

Lets urge community newspapers, flyer distributors and phone book companies to announce their opt-out protocol, reduce their subscriber base accordingly and be more mindful of waste and overages in their distribution process.

Step 3. Encourage advertisers to reduce unaddressed print advertising

Let’s urge advertisers to state their commitment to reducing flyers, through effective targeting, and adopting subscription-based advertising and online technologies. Canadian Tire is leading the way by moving its catalogue online.

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