Junk Mail Warrior

I was so happy to find your website via a Globe and Mail article I read today. I have already printed out the appropriate documentation and yet again I have filled in the No Mail / No Phone form. Back in the mid 90’s I became so fed up with junk mail and phone telemarketers that I made it a personal goal to try and eliminate it from my life.  I was still a younger hot-headed man back then so it took a lot of practice especially with the telemarketers to get around their scripts and to get what I wanted out of them without losing my temper.  I found out very early on that you had to be a cool cookie when dealing with telemarketers over the phone. Over the years I have become so practiced at eliminating my junk mail and telemarketing phone calls that I virtually have none.  It has also taught me a lot about myself and how to interact with people to reach a goal that I have.  In short it was an invalualbe excercise that I am glad I challenged myself with. Now with the the prospects of the no call list actually becoming a reality and efforts from smart minded people like you I hope my days of tounge tying telemarketers are over! Again, great work!  Cheers, Cory

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