Hi Beth,
I just heard your interview on CBC and checked out the website - what a great, SIMPLE solution!
However, I have one question that wasn’t addressed on the FAQ page.  If I put up a red dot and stop having junk mail delivered to my house, what does the mailperson do with it?  Is there any guarantee that they won’t just throw it out somewhere (i.e., not recycle it, as I do) or put it in someone else’s mailbox?  I’m not suggesting that mailpeople are lazy; I just know that if I had to carry that heavy mail bag on flyers day, I’d be tempted to dump the extra weight somewhere.
 If the Consumer Choice option is done correctly, ie via a letter, Canada Post puts a red dot on your sortation box at the central sorting. Then the mail man does not need to carry as much mail. Also the database gets updated so printers will print fewer quantities in the long run. Beth

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