My friend Monika Sheardown, GreenDreams Productions (and a few other Red Dot bloggers) reminded me to get going on urging companies to provide a “Consumers Choice” option for Phone Books. Does anyone still use them? We figure only seniors are reading them but unfortunately the phone books have become so heavy that seniors cant lift them!

So we are getting on the bandwagon. I wrote a message to CanPages and to Yellow Pages asking them how consumers can officially opt out. Again a Win:Win. They can save money by reducing their print quanities, we can save forests, they can gain valuable PR by letting us know how we can opt out. SO, if anyone has any thoughts or opinions on how this campaign can come to life….. Let us know!!

Stay tuned!! We should soon get a response — since I took the liberty of reminding them that we have a community of 100,000 Canadians concerned about the environmental impacts of wasteful print practices. I would suggest that 25% of us never use a phone book — and another 50% of us are so befuddled when we try to find a phone number we end up back online.

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