I’m fully supportive of your campaign. Just a clarification of facts. I have worked for CPC, the red dots have been in existence for much more than a year. They are the only way to alert the post office that junk (unaddressed) mail is not desired. People have to register with the local postal depot; the letter carrier will affix the red dot. The post office needs to know the numbers in order to adjust their distribution of material to the letter carrier. Any personal notes like “no junk mail” will NOT be respected by the letter carrier. The post office has never publicized this service because its widespread use would have serious impact on profits. The reason most people continue to receive their junk is because they can’t live without their community newspaper. Seniors love it because it’s the only mail they receive and they believe their winning Readers Digest jackpot is in the mail.


Beth Response – We believe leaving a letter is the most fool-proof. We like the No Junk Mail sign in addition since it helps us spread the word.

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