Thank you for organizing the reddotcampaign! This information and awareness is well overdue.
On your webpage, I see your four steps to reducing junkmail and I have a question about the CMA do not contact list. On the list of things “I understand:” when completing the personal information it includes the following item:

  • From time to time, CMA’s Do Not Contact list may be used by organizations that are based outside of Canada and market their products and/or services in Canada, this may result in the transborder flow of data;

This seems ridiculous! My interpretation of this is that not only will the CMA sell the names on the list, revealing my personal information to other international companies, but this information may be used to market things to me. Why is the no contact list even a list at all? Should it not be the absence of my information on a marketing list, not the presence of my information on a no contact list?

Are there any other options to have my information removed from marketing list other than the CMA no contact list? Any help you can provide would be most appreciated. Perhaps a comment on this topic on your FAQ section?

I will check into this since we have had other comments about this!!

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