Check out the heartfelt comments and add your own to our e-thank you to Canada Post. Over the past few months I have marveled at our unique and generous Canadian qualities. As I worked with Forest Ethics Do Not Mail Team I understood more about the complexities they face in rolling out a US Do Not Mail registry. The thought of simply posting a “No Junk Mail” Sign is a foreign concept. At Granville Island last weekend several Americans expressed great interest in our campaign. As one relayed, “You live in a great country”. Read about America’s powerful Direct Marketing groups and the Environmental Leader’s coverage of Canada Post’s green initiatives. As we face the realities of “Peak Everything”, we will undoubtedly return to our pioneering spirit of collaboration and generousity. When it comes to climate change we will be forced to open our hearts and open our wallets — and work with compassion and expediance to face the challenges upon us. And hey, this life is pretty convenient, eh? Lets support corporations who are making a stand. Thank you Canada Post!

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