I just wanted to say thanks for starting the Red Dot campaign.  I know that Canada Post actually started it, but your efforts are bringing into the limelight!  And that’s great!  Had I have known that Canada Post had such an option I would have signed up for it years ago.  Thanks for  bringing it to Canada’s attention! You’re doing a great job, keep up the good work! Just a suggestion maybe your web site could also encourage people to sign up with Canada’s e-Post service so they can get their bills electronically and together we can save even more paper!

BTW if you’re interested in a quick daily read filled with green tips I suggest you check out  It’s a free online daily e-newsletter that’s got some great green ideas! 

Thanks again,

Chris, Edmonton, AB

P.S. I invited all my Facebook friends to join your Facebook Red Dot Campaign as well.  Hopefully word of mouth will travel fast and we’ll see red dots on all of Canada’s mailboxes!

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