Use your advertising dollars to give back!

Beth here: My response to Jonathon as well as other bloggers who believe in unaddressed admail - 

The main purpose of my message in “community branding” is for advertisers to focus on what is working, stop what isn’t, and re-allocate these funds into giving back to the community.If $19 Billion was spent on advertising last year, and we know only ½ of it likely worked – wouldn’t it be awesome if business gave $9.5 Billion back to fundraisers… Think of the jobs that would create!! Instead of real estate agents sending a $5000 post card they could for example put on a wine tasting event fundraiser for a cause they are passionate about, feature local wineries, an artist, musicians, cool venue, cool caterer, use a young event planner, have a silent auction where another 10 businesses would get profiled and mail 500 of their best contacts / prospects… etc From this the real estate agent can do a press release, get kudos in the local news, add it to their website, cross-market it with others. New business relationships would be made by the entire group —!!

Isnt this a better way to build communities?



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